About keeping your good mood

The important thing to know about mood is that each one makes it for himself and the environment doesn’t. One could actually sit down by himself or with others and feel however he wanted to feel like. However, although this simplicity is true, one can complicate things for himself, but he would still be the one making it complicated.

I don’t have any ideas one ought to be in a certain mood, one could feel whatever he chose to. But if one knows he can create it, he can also have that freedom of choice.

If you think something can make you feel bad, whether that is a person, circumstance, thought(s)… it is your own thinking so that creates the condition. If you thinking you need to react in a certain way against condition, that is your own thinking again. And some could also advantage of that to sell you magic stones that would make you feel better… And indeed, that could actually work for you would be making yourself feel better then -by your own thinking- if you did. Do you know some say magic only works for those who believe in it?

But you can skip that all by merely and simply no longer thinking so, and by creating your own mood.


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