Dealing with other’s power

If you managed to always love or to -at least- not hate in the slightest, anyone, for any reasons at all, you couldn’t be the affected by another’s hate.

By that I don’t mean to be ‘nice’ and to not appear mean. I don’t mean good manners. I mean love and hate as genuinely expressed by yourself to yourself. It doesn’t matter how nice you might appear to another, you can know whether you love or hate.

To have something against you, you need to turn against it somehow, and to make it worse, you need to deny doing so to yourself.

True power and survival don’t exist in hate, they exists in love. It is not for ‘wimps’ –a person who submits out of fear, doesn’t do so out of love. Fear is a kind of hate too. To sum it up, love would be anything that harmonically unites you with what you love to the ultimate end of being what you love, and hate what forcefully unites or separates you from it. And it takes a king (of oneself) to not be scared, to not attack, to love no matter what, and to be free.

You may se this to win, and then nobody else will lose.


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