We’re not alive because of our intelligence

Darwin’s theory has run it’s circle and it has ended. The human race is not alive because it is intelligent. In numerous occasions it has granted overwhelming power to people that seeked to destroy all the rest. Only a ‘miracle’ could save it, and only ‘miracles’that have.

It wasn’t intelligence that made a guy give another guy the order to end the world, and it wasn’t intelligence that stopped the guy who received the order to end the world from doing it, it wasn’t his ability to resolve math problems, nor his selfish instincts; it was his self-determination and good heart –no matter how buried those things had been. It was things that will never be seen and measured by exterior -to oneself- observers but it’s outcomes can. It’s things that the study of calcium and protein complexes will never reveal.

This is not anti-scientific, because without those things you wouldn’t have any science to study. If those great scientists of old didn’t have the nerve, generosity and honesty to say ‘no’ to authority, to disagree with established ideologies, to not adapt, and to relay their discoveries to the world -often at the cost of suffering a painful death- there wouldn’t be any science. And it is not anti-religious either; particularly if you’re a Christian you know that’s what Christ did in his time and place.

We are not robots, and we are not stimulus-response biological machines; and the more we know it the longer and happier we will live.


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