Opposition kills freedom

If you had a couple of rocks and you wanted to smash them how would you do it, would you smash them against your head? Apparently not; you would smash one against the other. That’s what those social conflicts are there for. They are driven by smart people who know better than to smash their heads against what they want to destroy. So they put it destroy itself instead.

It’s very different to have people who are free to think and be and do as they please, and to have two kinds of people pitted one against the other; for that way one limits the freedom of the other, and one wounds and weakens the other as well. This can occur to social groups, countries, couples, as well as to individuals. Have you ever noticed yourself opposing yourself?

By all means, I want people of all religions, races, sexes etc to do what they please with themselves –but what they please, not what they force themselves to because ‘it’s right’. We are not all the same, we have never been, we will never be. Each one is his own master, and to be free he should remain so. Nobody has any ideology of freedom, for an enforced ideology is not freedom at all. Freedom comes by being free and allowing all to be free as well. And individual freedom will never come as long as one opposes another’s freedom; freedom is, as long as one doesn’t.

Those who don’t fight but put one to fight the other instead become more powerful over the others that way, they think. But they don’t even have freedom over their own minds anymore. It is a mistake to abide to them, and to oppose them as well. They have their own problems and should left to deal with them.

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