Choco love?

How free are you to show that you like or dislike somebody? You might feel free or not; you know what you are. But what have you been told and shown is ‘socially normal’ to be like?

A pack of chocolate wont make up for it. For then you’d expect from the ‘socially normal’ to tell you when to love, and in a very poor way indeed; and in a way that some would make money out of.

I like Valentine’s aesthetics, just like I like Christmas. But a day to love? It’s not for me. I might never love, I might always love, who I choose to. I might show it or not. Valentine, Christ, the left party  and the benevolent boss can’t tell me when to do so, leave alone whom. I could only let them force me to show that I love; and to go on having the hypocritical society we have today. So they can then police me not trusting whether I really do love.

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