Two kinds of certainty

There can be two kinds of certainty which -although might appear similar or the same- are very different. In fact they’re not related to each other.

One is the certainty that can occur through knowing, and the other is the certainty that can occur through remembering.

Knowing is knowing what is, and remembrance is to remember what is not, but what used to be. Remembrance is a knowledge of something that is not existing. It is a paradox.

None of those kinds of certainty are absolute. There cannot be absolute certainty. And that can be observed in ones appetite to learn, as well as in one’s refusal to learn. The refusal to learn is based on the appetite to learn which someone inhibits. The inhibiting oneself from learning occurs after the forcing oneself to learn has occurred, and that’s where ‘schooling’ comes in. Schooling is mostly an enforced method of learning things that are not present but are written in books. It can later on result in a refusal to learn –to think one knows everything about a subject. That is the goal. Other methods of enforced learning are methods that introduce pain, threats, emotional upset or other distressful conditions- like when somebody spanks a child to force it ‘learn’ something. It is no secret that is the goal. Painful experiences can lead to obsessions to re-experience the same or something that -even vaguely- resembles it as well as to refusal to re-experience the same or something that -even vaguely- resembles it, after that. The intended product is a person who thinks he knows (due to the past) but refuses to know or thinks he cannot know (in present).

Absolute certainty cannot occur until a thing is understood; everything, everyone come from potential being and are potential being and are not fixed things. Thus certainty about how things are (endlessly, forever) is impossible. The doubting those things, and the being lead to learn those things forcefully lead to a fixation on those things, and an inhibition to learn, to know those things.

Nothing I have ever written, nothing I will ever write will be absolutely true, forever. It can be more or less true for me the moment I write it, depending on how honest I am and depending on how I can know truth the exact moment I write about it.


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