Free will

Free will is factual and not fictional. This can be observed by oneself for oneself and I cannot observe it for another. It is a spiritual matter and it is not really a thing that can be thoroughly explained to a thoroughly political-minded person. It lies in the fact that everything is ‘inside’ infinity, and everyone is basically infinity, and when we talk politics we don’t talk infinity.

Infinity is cause and it is effect as well. All cause and effect lies within itself. Men and women are effect. They can be relatively causative, but they are creations and not creators. A creation can be relatively causative. A robot could be relatively causative too. But it has creators –programmers, engineers etc. What drives them though is cause and that can be only realized from the cause’s perspective and not the from the human person’s perspective, for that wouldn’t be true.

A spiritual being is being infinity, and another spiritual being is being infinity just as much. To try to suppress a spiritual being’s free will is to try to suppress your own. In fact there is no ‘another’ from the perspective of infinity as all lies within it.

A quick way for free will is to grant free will to everything else, and a quick way to lose it is to try to suppress it. The dominating one another is a lie wherein participants deny their own free will, for it is not infinity’s will to dominate itself –that would be absurd. It can occur for the sake of experiencing it; however, to protect the free will of all there is a rule that nobody can truly gain power over another without losing his own. Powerful men and women are fictional. The power of money is fictional. If nobody agreed to do another’s will for money, money would be of no consequence. If nobody wanted to marry another for reasons of wealth, that person’s wealth would be of no consequence to the other. And if each one took responsibility thoroughly for his own wealth, he wouldn’t hand responsibility and control over to capitalists and to states. Money is a bad way to imitate the thought God and the thought power of  that God –thus the ‘In God We Trust’ on the dollar. The ideas is that those who possess those Godly particles will be more powerful. It is however an idea designed by those have another strange idea that God is a dominating dictator.

God is not a person and definitely not a dictator. In cases of dictators and slaves, God is both. But dictators and slaves are not an actuality, thus God also isn’t that. In actuality a spiritual being cannot lose it’s free will, and a human being has little of that in the first place. But countries whose men and women suppress each other by obvious or covert means are liable to get obvious or covert political dictators too, for a government and other bosses are reflections of the things they’re not willing to govern themselves. They don’t exist the same for all. They exist for one as much as he abides to untruths, as much as he denies his own free will and that of others. Communist states once fooled their people by making them think that all controlling of wealth is evil, and thus all controlling of wealth was passed to their dictators. And capitalist states respectively fooled it’s people by having them worship a person who’s ideas resemble communism and who bashed at capitalists and called the possession of wealth a sin, while on the same time they asked from them to play and succeed in the capitalism game. Eventually, their wealth was passed to few big capitalists that are often -not always- of a different religion which praises capitalism. That is not a coincidence. It was their frame of thinking that made things evolve that way. It was their will. The Jewish have no remorse to amass wealth; it is not deemed evil at all in their religion, they don’t feel guilty for amassing wealth, and thus they do better with money. But the Christians do, and play by double standards. They put themselves in a continuous doubt whether they should be the rightful owners of their wealth or not. And they are willing victims and slaves in order to ensure that they will go to Heaven. Of course the solution is not to violate those -so called by some- ‘bad’ wealthy people’s free will and confiscate their wealth or do even worse things to them, like it was proposed about a century ago. One must be truthful and take responsibility for his own condition, and not force a condition upon another.

And I’m closing with a quote from the Christian Bible that you could give some consideration, if you want:

“Slaves, obey your earthly masters with respect and fear, and with sincerity of heart, just as you would obey Christ.Obey them not only to win their favor when their eye is on you, but as slaves of Christ, doing the will of God from your heart. Serve wholeheartedly, as if you were serving the Lord, not people, because you know that the Lord will reward each one for whatever good they do, whether they are slave or free.”


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