You are free

“Straw man

It is one of the oldest tricks in the book to make a purposeful misrepresentation of another person’s position and then arguing against the fictitious position, knocking it down. It is the straw man rhetorical fallacy.

Man 1 sets up a weak position and attributes it to Man 2, then attacks the weak position; like setting up and fighting a straw man, easily knocking it down. Then the opponent, Man 2 is drawn into defending himself against the misrepresentations, and Man 1 doesn’t have to talk about his opponents actual position.”

“Urban Dictionary”

The foundations of the majority of my texts are not based on the straw men that are widely regarded as true. Thus, it is very possible for me to become misunderstood and have straw men made for me. However, I am me and not matter what another asserts to himself or to others about me, I am still me. Agreed upon straw men can become real for those who agree upon them; however, they are not true. What s true is what exists (right now), and what is not true is what is lied-about regarding what exists

All spiritual beings are free –right now. Freedom is the stuff they are made out of, and they will never become freer than freedom itself. The reasons why they can think of themselves not being free lies within their freedom to do so. They can lie about what they are and they can be lied to about it as well. They can make straw men out of themselves and they can have others do the same as well. They can also have others do it, and not agree with it –not agree to do it too.

The basic lie is a lie regarding what one is. One is freedom, free will, potential. A man and a woman are not freedom. They can be guided by free will. A spiritual being -being free will- can exert it’s free will over a man and a woman. And a man or a woman is not what one truly is, but ‘he’ is what guides them. To the degree one realizes that, he appears to regain his lost freedom that was never lost, but only lied about for his true identity was lied about as well. The identities of men and women are straw men. Something could be done to them, but nothing could be done to the spiritual being –the true, original self.

One’s own experiences are his own and are limited to himself. Two could have identical or similar experiences to the degree they agreed upon having them. And that could be done by means that are lied about and concealed, thus some common reality could appear to be inevitable. But it isn’t. Hint: The agreement over the lie that we are our straw men can be very common.

To be free, be yourself; and realize you are always free no matter what.

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