Spiritual Culture?

No matter what I do it wont make me be myself less, I could lie to myself about what I was alright; but still I would be myself. And by ‘myself’ I mean spirit. There is no need for any practice, for any culture, for any philosophy to be that. If I wasn’t that I wouldn’t exist.

All this talk I make, all those practices and culture are supposedly aimed at helping one become aware of what ‘he’ is, and not make him be that. And ultimately, all those things are useless unless a person realizes that by and for himself.

No matter what clothes I wear, what music I listen to or make, what manners I have, what role I choose to play in life, I will always be myself. So why be aware of what I am? Because a being is free and knowing oneself means freedom. To know you can make your own thoughts mean you don’t need any past to draw thoughts from, and thus you’re free from the past, and you’re also free to make thoughts or not. To know you can perceive in the now means you don’t need to view through past perspectives. To discard (no longer create) the ‘ego’ means you can create egos. In short, to know you can create means you don’t need to dwell in past creations, it means you don’t have to create, but you could —it’s free. The past is easy to copy/paste in present, however that doesn’t serve a being’s freedom, unless it wants to re-create and re-experience the past forever, by means unknown, for only through unknown means can one create something involuntarily.

A nice teacher I’ve been following says nobody should create nothing, in order to snap from the past –in order to stop creating it. That can be a way, alright. However, that should not become a very solid rule of being ‘right’. For since a being can create, it is not right at all to deny itself it’s potential to create. A being is being potential (potential for awareness too), and to enforce ‘nothing’ on that potential would mean to almost incapacitate it. A being is not only an awareness, but it can be aware.

A being is freedom, and the goal is freedom for all. The original sin is the denial of oneself; the denial of others follows after that, and only after that.


5 thoughts on “Spiritual Culture?

  1. “…nobody should create nothing.” Is that the same as saying everybody should create something? Lol!

    Personally I believe that we create everything, intentionally or not, and everything includes nothing. Nothing is merely a void, aching to be filled, motivating us to create with more vigor and enthusiasm. And the point of gaining awareness is that we can take a more intentional stance toward our creations, owning them, and the “lessons” they embody…

        1. There is difference between ‘I don’t have to eat’, ‘I have to eat’ and ‘I can’t eat’. There difference is in freedom to eat or not. ‘I can’t’ is an enforced ‘nothing’ with regards to eating. ‘I have to’ is an enforced ‘something’.

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