Who should be free?

In older times I used to agree to some degree with anarchists, although I was never the violent sort. The reason why I no longer do is the following realization: The freedom of one does not inhibit the freedom of another.

Some try to override another’s freedom in order to gain freedom for themselves. Please, see for yourselves, how does that work out? It can feel pretty heroic to mess with thousands of organised police men, but in the final analysis it doesn’t work. It doesn’t work because some truth regarding that is lied about and concealed.

We are all free when all are free. The putting ones freedom above another’s is called fighting, or otherwise undermining. The assertion that another inhibits one’s own freedom thus it is right for him to be attacked is fighting and undermining too. The outcome is always one trying to limit another’s freedom, and that isn’t freedom. War is not freedom. Peace for all is. And for a country or planet to limit it’s freedom thoroughly, it is only enough for the half to be put to fight/undermine the other half.

The desire to limits another’s freedom indicates limitations of freedom in oneself. It’s one’s false thought of inability to be free from something that makes him think of the solution to fight against it. And he later on can further become the victim of it.

One who thinks he needs to limit another’s freedom to be free needs help to be free, he doesn’t need to limit another’s freedom. He limits his own. And since I don’t believe in the asserted evil basic instincts of men, I don’t need to suppress them.

One thought on “Who should be free?

  1. You make a valuable point here, Spyros – that we reflect each others’ “truths.” I agree that a need to act out against another is simply a way to get a better view of one’s self. Unfortunately, it seems the vast majority of those acting out fail to recognize that wisdom. But then, maybe I’m simply speaking of myself… lol! 😉

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