Don’t try to change anyone

This is not an order but more like a suggestion. It can save you from a lot of trouble.

Change doesn’t necessarily mean bad change. One could want to change another in destructive way, and another in a beneficial way.

You see somebody doing something that is obviously stupid and you say ‘hey look this is not reasonable, you’re just destroying yourself…’ Let him do it. Each one is responsible for what he is being at each moment.

How come good partners are dumped for bad ones? How come one prefers dishonest against honest friends? How come one prefers to drink poison instead of something else? How come one appreciates what destroys him and attacks what assists him? Those are each one’s personal choices, and they know the reasons themselves. Not all have the same perspective and goals in life.

Don’t try to change anyone. You can change yourself and your own experiences, instead. Just be true, be and say what you will and (only) when you want to; and whomever wants it can take it or not, connect or not –never push it.


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