How to null authority

Authority can exist on personal as well as on an interpersonal level. One can impose it on himself and one can impose it on another. For that to occur ‘reasons’ are needed. Those reason can be partially true or entirely fictional, and never entirely true.

You never null authority by opposing authority, for opposition is how authority comes to exist. If there was no crime or no talked-about crime there would be no reason for police.

So then you see how one who would wish to impose himself, he would look for reasons for that occur.When on accuses another in order to impose his will upon him, that’s what he does. The accusation is the ‘reason’ and the imposing oneself is the ‘authority’. Accusations are never entirely true. Even if a misdeed was seen exactly as done at some point in the past -which is rare to occur- the misdeed doesn’t exist in present time and thus the need for authority does not exist either. Thus false assumptions must be made.

Authority indicates inability to experience something comfortably. When one becomes unwilling to experience something he suppresses it into -almost- non-existence. However, he never really makes it to complete non-existence.  Authority over oneself can be observed in the form of ‘can’t’s. One can decide to himself to no longer create/experience something in a forceful manner, and then consequently think he can’t create/experience it. And authority from one to another could be observed as one imposing a ‘can’t’ on another.

An effective way to nullify authority is to no longer have the reasons for that particular authority –to no longer create them. And for that to occur it is only enough to get the complete truth about those reasons. If a reason was 2 years ago, it no longer exists, so to speak.

People who exert too much authority over themselves tend to exrt too much authority over others, by means that can be very concealed –whether that is done onto oneself or onto another. Thus, the loss of freedom of one can also means the loss of freedom of another, and the freedom of one the freedom of another as well. That is why the way to be free is to let all be free.


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