Things that are not mental illness

Concerned you might have some mental illness? I’d like to make a point by pointing out some things that are not considered mental illness (and are thus considered sane, part of being a normal human being or how one is supposed to be like by nature) and then let you draw your own conclusions. It took me a few seconds to think those up, and if something has been mistakenly included, you can point it out to me:

Murder, theft, genocide, enslavement and being a slave, compulsive obedience, possession of weapons of mass destruction, betrayal, depriving others of ownership, depriving others of free speech, using free speech to humiliate others, rape.

What does it mean to be mentaly ill or normal, after all? I just give you what I know, along with my honest will that I don’t want to be normal; I don’t consider it a compliment, nor would I consider the opposite an insult. I don’t dictate how others ought to be like, I claim full rights over myself (alone) and I don’t allow anyone to set standards how I ought to be like. Moreover, it doesn’t make logical sense to me for a victim (like a raped girl) to get psychiatric help (mental correction, assuming something is wrong with her mental state) while a perpetrator (like a rapist) wouldn’t (at least not for just having raped). It doesn’t make sense to me for some criminals to get lighter sentences for being ‘mentally ill’, while others don’t. Is mental illness alligned with the law or not? Is the law alligned with sanity or not? Do we have laws in order to attain harmonical co-existence or not? Does the dictating each other how they ought to be like lead there? And above all, If evil is ‘normal’, is the guy(s) that sets the standards of normality good or evil?


3 thoughts on “Things that are not mental illness

  1. Are all those terrible things truly “normal” human behavior, or are they symptoms of a “sick” society that normalizes such predatory behaviors? I agree with you that the victim is not mentally ill, by virtue of being victimized alone, but how they cope with it can lead to less than healthy behaviors, relationships, etc., and that’s where good counseling can help. As for the perpetrators of such crimes, I would tend to see them as “defective,” were I inclined to judge, precisely because I don’t think such sadistic behavior is, or should be, “normal.”

    But that’s just me… ๐Ÿ™‚

    Great to “see” you again, Spyros; I got lost for a while, but I’m slowly coming back. And I freely admit to missing your thoughtful and thought-provoking posts.

    1. Hi Lisa, nice to read from you too ๐Ÿ˜‰ I just wanted to point out some logical inconsistecies. No comment now whether one should be helped or not, how help should be like etc. But help is voluntary anyway, and correction can be not.

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