False positive

One can’t believe hateful claims without becoming hateful.

One can’t ‘love’ hateful claims without becoming hateful himself.

One can always find out they’re more or less untrue, to the point of a joke (obvious inconcistency) or non existence (the existence of a lie is not true). From that point on genuine love can be unhindered; it is the believing lies that can hinder it.

Hate (genuine) is disconnection/repulsion from lies. Love (genuine) is connection/attraction to truth.

Dishonesty (starting with oneself), misinterpratation, misunderstanding can never bring about genuine love, but a pretense of.

Love and hate are not necessarily absolutes. They are proportional to truth and lies. Absolute love is ‘me’, it gets reduced with ‘another’.

The basic truth is ‘me’. The basic lie is a lie regarding oneself. One cannot be a lie. One cannot be responsible for a lie either.

Could one love something more than what he considered part of himself?


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