How to lose control (and regain it)

Right now ‘as we speak’ each being is fully capable of controlling each and every aspect of itself.

A being however cannot control things that don’t exist or things that it doesn’t see as they are, for it is not being those things.

If a being made a thought, that thought would ‘part’ of if the being, or more correctly the being would be that thought. And it’s the same like with everything else the being would create for itself to perceive. One could imagine a scene and control it in every possible way. One couldn’t however do the same with a scene from the past or a mixture of things from the past, for you see what we call the past is meant to be an unchangeable thing or it is not ‘the past’. Moreover the past is not ‘being’ in present. And it is a bit absurd for a being that is being in present to create a thing that is not being in present.

The more a being’s thoughts, creations stem from itself and exist in present the more it can control them. The more it recalls things, the less it can control them. Moreover, the more a being thoughts stem from another being, the more it loses control over them, as well.

Ideas on a continuous present are past-based ideas. The start at some point (in the past) and seem to exist in the now. However, they don’t unless the being keeps recalling them. The same occurs with ideas on a continuous ‘never’ –such as ‘I will never make it’.

To solve this puzzle it is only enough to realize that a being 1. needs to recall the past in order to have any. And 2. To know when a thought it entertains is it’s own or a product of communicating with others and that the being itself holds those things there, for as long and as much as it does.

There is no controlling the past and there is no controlling things other than what a being is being now, other that what it is ‘creating itself as’ right now.


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