Serenity through submission?

Not all who wish to fight and destroy, control another are honest enough to express it. Some express it in rather ‘loving’ ways. The notion that one can be free, serene by submitting to forces greater than him is one of those ways. That serenity never comes. But one’s antagonists can be glad for he gave up his will and he is now subjected to being controlled by sneaky cowards that play the role or claim to represent, and speak on behalf of those ‘greater forces’. Much like some corporations kick out potential antagonistic business through pretended welfare that is meant to keep them down, and not boost them up. And when the monopoly arrives, it is too late to realize what just happened. In their idiocy they think that their power is lost due to others, and that it can be regained by weakening others.

Nothing can happen to a spiritual being, and it cannot be subjected to anything. There is no antagonism between itself and other beings and ‘greater forces’. It is completely free and sovereign. And stupid, self-abasing thoughts like that it is weak, that it is being controlled, that it ought to fight back etc don’t get attatched to it. They get attatched on a straw man of a spiritual being though, a sum of false identities that the being itself or others make for the being.

Some call that straw man the ego. The ego is the body and it is all those things the being thinks it is but it is not. Those things can be controlled; they can have properties attatched to them, they can get injured, insulted, die and so on. A being cannot be controlled.

The humiliation of beings is the greatest blasphemy of all; a blasphemy one can thoroughly exert upon himself too.

Never pity yourself nor others, for you can’t really pity anyone but a straw man. Help yourself and others see what they are themselves, and pity will never be needed.

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