Realism and truth

It is not surprising that a fine distinction between the terms ‘realism’ and ‘truth’ has not been made. It is quite purposeful as well.

Something either is or is not and to know that, and to know exactly what, when, and where it is, is to know truth.

Realism is what people agree among each other that is or is not, and it can be or not be true. A lie widely believed can be realistic, as believers will be agreeing among each other that things are so and so.

Realism can be so intense that it can hinder truth, as well as one’s capacity to know truth.  If somebody got insulted daily, he could wind up believing the insult was true, although he wouldn’t had been aware of such a thing unless the insulting had occurred; even more, if that insult occurred by more than one people. That is why I wouldn’t suggest to anyone to seek to know himself in other’s perspectives. In their naive belief in realism, some think that whomever point out something bad about them does so to have them correct it. But most of the times there is nothing to correct and so they get stuck there forever trying to understand what is wrong and feeling bad about it. People that do that to others, wont sit and get into that, by the way. They know they cannot trust anybody anyway; and project some terribly convincing certainty of ‘knowing better’ and that others (aside from those who agree with them) always are and talk inferior rubbish. They couldn’t possibly change their minds. And that furtherly pushes the rest into agreeing with them; into agreeing with the least honest ones that is.

Realism is related to numbers, while truth doesn’t have to be. Realism is a matter of quantity while truth is a matter of quality. And so, by confusing one with another we can also get ideas such as that claims backed up by money are true, or that the more people agree over something the more true it is.

Fortunately, that isn’t true; and people who have agreed over the existence of things due to that trick and be free from that again. Fortunately, basic truths are not painful, for it takes pain to hinder truth and convince people of other things. That is why you’re rarely going to watch any good news on TV; and if you do, they might not truly be that good. The pounding of bad news about everything gives such impressions to viewers, who in turn respond to life accordingly (badly) to the degree they believe those bad things are true. And then those bad claims, after they’ve influenced people, become even more realistic, as people perceive them from each other.

This is how realism gets formed, but not how truth is. No matter how much one changes and pounds at a truth, a truth remains true. And the truth of the matter is a person or group or groups whose sole intention is to manipulate (manipulation=controlling with untruths) others, can claim whatever they want, but that doesn’t make their claims nor their ‘good intentions’ true. Truth is not found in anybody’s claims, it is found in perceiving truth.


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