About spirits

Spirit, soul, spiritual being; what is the difference? Each person might meant quite a different thing by saying such a thing.

From my perspective a spirit is not any finite thing to have a finite definition. It is not an object, and it is not inherently part of any system of objects (aka universe) and it is definitely not a product of any such thing. It is a child of itself, and it exists for a long as it creates itself.

Out of potential for existence comes existence, being. And each being, spiritual being, spirit -call it how you like- is being potential for existence. And out of potential for existence come universes, and universes are not senior to that which creates them, that which is being them.

Each being is being due to it’s own decision to be. Each being is being that which makes it be. And from that point on it can be anything else –space, objects, awareness, anything. But it is not inherently awareness, consciousness. For awareness to exist awareness must be made by the being. And through awareness it can perceive the space, energy and objects that it is being.

Beings have no inherent purpose either, but purposes can be made. They are completely free, they are being freedom itself.

Human beings, unlike spiritual beings have inherent characteristics, like inherent awareness, and purposes. Exactly how human beings were originally made is not clear to me. What is clear to me is that the human is the vessel and the spiritual being is the driver, for as long as a spiritual being considers itself to be a human being. The true self of the human being, the guy you talk to and talks back to you, is the spiritual being. It makes it’s own thoughts and offers them to you.

Needless to say a spiritual being doesn’t need any human being to exist. It doesn’t even need any universe to exist. It doesn’t exist in space and time. It merely exists, senior to those things. Thus, it’s freedom cannot change due to those things, either.

A spiritual being can consider itself to basically be something else than it actually is. It can consider itself to be space, energy or an object such as a human being; and thus consider itself to be placed in space and time as well, although it is basically not. But to the degree that it does that, it also considers that it loses it’s infinite nature, it’s infinite freedom, which is an untrue consideration or an untrue bundle of considerations.

If the question ‘what am I?’ implies a finite thing, the answer will never come. Aside from the basic decision ‘to be’, a being is what it creates itself to be.

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