Friend or foe?

In basketball, soccer and other sports it is quite mandatory for one team to wear a color, and for an opposing team to wear a distinctly different color,  so they will know which guys are teammates and which are opponents. If a team wore blue and another team wore green a colorblind person would a hard time knowing who to pass to, who to check and wouldn’t be able to get organized along with the others, for himself and his team to win. He would get in total confusion and to wish quit, or get dragged by others like dust in the wind.

In life we more or less have some basic purposes in common, and those are very strong. However, due to reasons some choose to have purposes that conflict with the purposes of others; thus, we have opposing games like those in basketball and soccer. The not knowing who is with us, who is against us, the being in constant doubt can make life a hell.

It is so easy to go from ‘loving everybody’ to ‘hating everybody’ if that love is not genuine love, determined by oneself; if one abides to some rule he or she doesn’t understand just because it looks shiny.

It is true, if one makes it to love everyone, he will have it all made. However, that is a state way beyond what we usually put in words. If all loved all we would have a shiny existence indeed, but as long we don’t, we must know who is with us and who is against us; and most basically, and above all we must know if we are our own friend, indeed.

It is very common for one who befriends a foe to turn against his friends as well as against himself. It is as common for one who acts against himself, for one who is not driven by himself to be a bad friend and a voluntary victim to his foes as well. For as long as one plays, he must know what his team and who his teammates are. And above all, the team he joins must be determined by himself.

Alignment with self comes first; and based on that alignment with others can occur as well. And before one loves everyone, he should be able to love somebody -at least a single person- first. There’s no point in preaching world peace while two can’t even hold a relationship together. That ‘peace’ will then be constant war against everyone, anyone and against oneself. And a war that is called peace is a dangerous thing indeed. It makes people isolated, distrustful, giving them a sense of pointlessness.

You wouldn’t attack a friend to please an enemy. Alas, if you don’t know the enemy and you befriend him, and you collaborate with him you’re going to; and you’re going to attack yourself too, for that’s what an enemy wants.

One can be neutral, but one can be in doubt too –constantly. And those things are not the same. To not participate and to both be a friend and a foe are not the same. Know your friend, your friends and support them. Know your enemy and don’t listen to him. He wants to win, and he will win by making you lose.


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