Responsible science

Each theory is as good as it can bring about predictable results, if applied exactly like the theory says.

If it brings about the opposite results, either the theory sucks, or the guy(s) that puts it to practice doesn’t put it to practice like it’s meant to be put in practice.

I’ve seen absurd things like doctors accusing patients for being sick, teachers accusing children for not learning well and so on, that indicate one thing: either they misapply their own theories, or their theories aren’t meant to bring about good results in the first place.

A doctor’s failure to heal is not the patient’s fault. A politician’s failure to rule well is not the citizen’s fault. And God’s failure to control his own creations is not his creation’s fault either. The truth of the matter is whenever somebody accuses another for not doing his job, for not controlling what he is supposed to control, he just doesn’t what he says he does. He is neither being a doctor, nor a politician nor God.

Whomever assumes a position of control, he also assumes the responsibilities that go together with it, and blaming others is the opposite than taking responsibility oneself.

There is one evil in the world and beyond: attempted control without responsibility. What is responsibility? To know one is in control. And evil can never know it is in control, and it will forever try to be in control, for it’s roots lie in denying oneself and in blaming others.

The more one points the finger about a condition he is in, the more he loses control over it, and the more obsessed he becomes to control it. If you see somebody struggle to control, it is because he can’t.

Most economists will need to propagate their righteousness really hard, for they have failed miserably; as that capital never really ‘trickled down’, rather the opposite. And to spoil the suspense, it was never meant to trickle down in the first place.

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