Perpetuation of the unwanted

The delusion of choice between good and bad guys is vastly assisted by the notion that whomever criticizes the bad (and if it actually even is as criticized) must be good himself.

Anyone can be a critic whether he is an honest guy, a thief, a mass murderer. But definitely the worst of all can never genuinely find goodness in anything, but only assert so, about things that are actually destructive for all; which -in turn- gives the impression to those who believe them that nothing can actually be good.

We get bombarded daily by political and other criticism that in neither the short nor the long run bring about any desirable change; as almost nobody proposes any desirable alternative, but by calling upon bad situations in present some try enforce their own necessary evil.

By giving such solutions to perceived or asserted evil, we go from more evil to even more evil. By creating something desirable for most -if not for all- we would have something desirable for most, if not for all.

An actual solution is to focus in creating what is wanted and not in fighting against what is not wanted. That applies to group activities such as politics, to personal issues, to couples and to everything else.

One cannot fight the unwanted into non existence. One can create what is wanted to such a thorough degree that what is not wanted can have no place inside it. That is a lesson not learned from history, but what is taught instead is that evil is inherent in the human race. Do you think the guys who assert that are good or evil?

When was the last time somebody asked you what you wanted instead of telling you what to want? When was the last time you did that to yourself or others? Such a simple thing would bring about magical results. It would be a huge step towards an actual democracy.


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