Control and evil

Is control evil? Is evil a product of control?

That is a common idea that -in turn- grants power to those who claim to be in control. It is a false idea, and that power is false too.

Wherever there is intention to harm there is also contradiction in control. One will say ‘bring me a cup of tea’, and when you bring it to him he will say ‘it’s too sweet’. Another will say ‘want me (sexually)’ and while somebody starts to want, he or she will also say ‘leave me alone’.

Is that control? It is incomplete control. It is tampering. It is starting something then not letting it finish, or while somebody is onto something another interferes to change or stop it’s course. It is not control. Control is complete. It is ‘bring me that tea’, you bring it, it’s over. It is ‘I like you’, ‘I like you too’, it’s over.

I’m not suggesting you should go out and order others to bring you tea. What I’m suggesting is that wherever there is intention to harm there is incomplete control, tampering, self-contradiction. Somebody says ‘you need to earn your own money’ then he also says ‘we need to help each other financially’ and while you’re engaged in making your own money, he takes part of it from you. That’s tampering, contradiction and it is not control.

The rights and the lefts are part of the same clique that wants nobody to control nothing. They go like ‘you need to make your own money’, then then go like ‘you have too much’. They go like ‘depend on the state’, then they go like ‘depend on yourself’, and after that they go like ‘you’re not allowed to create your own business, but you ought to work for another’s’. That’s some contradictory, crazy stuff. And if you wish to find out who orchestrates all that, find out who profits out of it.

That is not control, that is incomplete control. There are no rules aligned with each other. There are contradictory rules. There is a state which pretends to be in control but it isn’t. And a certain characteristic of people who pretend to be in control but aren’t is that they put blame on what they try to control, for not controlling it right. Thus, we also have capital punishment.

Control and responsibility go together. If I controlled something, I couldn’t put blame on it for not controlling it right. If control is not accompanied by responsibility, it is not actual control but only pretended control. And that is how control appears evil. It is not actual control.

Again I’m not asserting I am entitled to go around and give orders to others. However, if a group of people agree that somebody should lead, that leader would be obliged to lead, and leading wouldn’t mean to put blame on what he couldn’t lead. His leadership’s failures would be attributed to himself entirely. Similarly, if a group of people agreed that somebody should lead, they shouldn’t interfere with his leading either, for that would be incomplete control too. I mean if you put a leader there, let him do what he is supposed to, otherwise don’t put him there. Of course, all that is high philosophy compared to what we experience today; statesmen that get elected by themselves, and others who don’t agree with their getting elected. You can’t run a group like that. There needs to be an agreement to start with.

And out of all that misallignment, chaos, incomplete control, only those who wish nobody to control nothing profit. Who are they?

One thing is certain: Evil is not able to control –not even itself. And you can spot it by it’s failure to do so. It says ‘peace’, ‘love’, ‘freedom’, and it starts a war. It says -with ‘compasion’- ‘let me heal you’, and then it says ‘you’re inherently sick’. It says ‘let me hear you’ and then it says ‘don’t talk rubbish’. It says ‘let’s be multicultural’, then it says ‘those new cultures are bad’. You can also spot it by how those who believe in it start to contradict themselves, and become unable to control themselves too. And in the end nobody can control nothing, but everybody tries to tamper with other’s areas of control (like one’s family, or busines), while taking no responsibility for it, while blaming what they try to control but fail to do so. Punishment is the result of that. And sadly it’s become synonymous to control. It is the opposite. In actual control there would be no such thing.

Don’t denounce all control as ‘evil’. When two agree to go about something together, they control it together, otherwise there is no agreement. If one one tries to forcefully control another he uses the threat of punishment because he can’t control. Those two are not the same thing.

Most importantly, the less firmly one controls himself the more space he will be leaving open for those who will wish to tamper with him. Self-control to an absolute degree would mean one could never be influenced by anything without his own known consent.


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