Justice is not about what is right or wrong. That is ethics. It is not about the police and about courts. It can exist whether those things exist or not.

Justice is ideas, sets of rules about how we can co-exist harmonically. One could argue whether the police and courts do that or not, but that’s not the topic now. I’m referring to the original meaning of justice.

Justice is related to what one gives and takes. It is asserted that there must be some balance between what one gives and takes. In justice one would not be expected to be permanently kind and receive hostility in return, that would be unfair. Similarly, what would not be expected to produce 10 bricks and get paid for the price of 1 brick (nor visa versa). That would be unfair too.

Justice is then about balance. It is neither about being kind nor hostile.

Justice is not inherent to the universe. We know from physics if you hit a wall the wall then hits you back. And we know of the old say ‘an eye for an eye’. But that is not a rule to make us peacefully co-exist. To demand from one to sit and get beaten all his life without defending himself doesn’t lead to peace, either; it leads to suppression.

If justice is freely agreed upon and correctly applied it nullifies harm and multiplies benefit for all willing participants. To be fair, if one caused harm he should make up for it, and if one offered something valuable he should be rewarded for it, in an analogous manner. If one broke a neighbor’s window he should get a new one, install it as well as somehow compensate for causing that trouble. And if one was kind to another, that other should be kind back to him too. That way, nobody could be a victim and nobody could be a perpetrator either. That way, imprisonment would be unnecessary.

So you see, present society has forgotten about justice too. Present society has swapped justice with suppression (get hit but don’t hit back), punishment and underpaid workers. Thus, harm gets multiplied and benefit gets nullified.

A neat way to have people get very upset about justice is to ask or demand from them to be fair and then be unfair to them in return. And some know that very well -they know the upset they cause that way- and they pretend they don’t understand, for upset is what they try to cause, as well as apathy regarding justice. A person who ignores how badly he treats you and yet demands to be treated nicely aims there; he tries to suppress you. A person who ignores your good offerings, and instead of that criticizes them like they were wrong, aims there too. In my opinion it is completely vain to expect or demand justice from a dishonest person who wishes to harm; to set double standards about justice is harm by itself. It is as vain as to be nice to such a person expecting to receive something genuinely good back. Odds are such a person will never acknowledge anything truly good about another. And in my opinion such people should just be spotted, and no further attention nor effort should be wasted on them.


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