Skip hypocrisy

Out of experience, one of the precious lessons I’ve learnt is to not believe in things I would othwerise do –things that appear to be good, things that claim to be good, but are not.

Very very deep down, what will matter to you is what you will consider good or bad, and good and bad means to you. However, if you do play the game of ‘believing/being affected by lies’ you can then do so, as well.

Not all those who pound ‘love’, compassion’, ‘freedom’, ‘happiness’ etc mean it. To see what they mean one must be thorough in examining the effects they bring about, for in the end that is all that matters.

What one disagrees with and even opposes doesn’t harm him as much. What does harm most is what he agrees with –if that is sugar-coated poison. What harms is to support, adopt and to become something harmful himself.

Unfortunately, due to logical falacies such as ‘my enemy’s enemy is my friend’ people are taught to be very careless what they support and what they become. An enemy’s enemy is not a friend, particularly is that enemy is not truly an enemy, or if both are enemies competing who will do more harm. If one thing is good, an opposing thing is not bad, nor visa versa. That sort of logic is a trap.

Sometimes, if not always, obstacles appear if a path is false. And the more false a path is the more obstacles appear, and the more true a path is the less obstacles appear. I am not suggesting one ought to be fainthearted and step back and leave whenever he encounters hardships. I am suggesting that acting against oneself will bring about obstacles, and the obstacles will be himself.

It isn’t then that those who care for the poor don’t make it to help them because of the evil rich –no! It is that those who pretend to help, compassionately try to weaken and crash the poor, to make whinning babies out of them, as well as to make more poor people, so few rich can monopolize the market. It is that they insist to make them more and more dependent upon other’s wealth and upon the state’s services and grant them no individual power to push and pull themselves. That is how they handle and crash their potential future competitors. They make hospital patients out of them.

They say state regulation of business is good for the poor and bad for the rich –BS hypocrisy! They literally regulate banana stands and let their established cronies free to do what they please with no competition at all. And then what happens with all that tax money? How much of that is given to the poor? How come after all that tax money meant to go to the poor hasn’t made them rich yet?

It isn’t that evil reigns against good, it is that good is not genuinely good when it loses.

Discard theories and embrace facts.


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