Money goes to influence

This is not an absolute rule. However, it explains how and why one can become an ‘elite’ by causing harm.

Some assert rich people are always good, others that they’re always bad. And some say the same for poor folks too.

Riches however don’t go to good nor to bad people, it goes to influencial people. And before one can be influencial he must get attention. If one’s business gets zero attention, it will -in fact- not even exist for anybody but it’s owner, and it will make zero money too. On the contrary, if one -for example- started a religion and that religion became very popular -whether it was a good religion or not- it could also make a lot of money.

Don’t take that as an invitation to become dishonest in order to make money, for dishonesty implies much larger trouble than lack of money.

When a society dances in tunes of chaos, those who orchestrate that chaos also make dough. And so you can reversely backtrack who causes chaos in society by backtracking who profits from it. If somebody wishes to cause trouble to many, and those many buy that trouble, that troublemaker will then make money. In a harmonical society such people would be broke. If we in the future have a paradise, those who contribute to it the most, will have most of the money, instead.


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