Understanding of concepts

Good things like love, peace, freedom don’t go haywire because of their opposites, but because of having a false understanding what those things are.

You are not going to see many preach hate, unless they have been disillusioned by what love means. And that can only occur by having an utterly or partially false concept what love is; as in the case of somebody who experiences betrayal in the name of love. Of course, the act of betrayal is hateful.

There cannot be conflict in mutual understanding of the same things. Thus, those who wish for conflict twist what those things mean (to themselves or to others), and after they twist them they might also point out to how bad they are (to themselves or others). You understand there couldn’t be conflict between two religions -for example- if they had the exact same concept of the word ‘God’. And rights and lefts couldn’t argue about business if they both thought ‘business’ to be the same thing. If you view it from a neutral perspective, it isn’t that one wants something good and the other wants something bad, it is that one defines the word as something good, while the other defines the same word as something bad. No side is bad from it’s own perspective, but for conflict to occur the other side must be thought to be bad.

That is a liability of language; it is full of vague concepts that can be easily redefined by one or another. And although we might speak the same language it doesn’t necessarily mean that we mean the same thing.


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