About being a good person

I’m not really into the tarot but I am fascinated by the idea of magic. However, that’s not why I’m posting this card; it is because of the infinity symbol above the magician’s head. I really like it.

You must have noticed Christian saints having an aureole above their heads. Yet this guy managed to get two. The symbol of infinity does look like two aureoles together, no?

I used to wonder ‘how come infinity is two circles and not just one?’ An infinite loop can be represented by just one circle, yet there are two. Why?

I think I have a better idea now. It has something to do with good and evil, light and darkness, plus and minus, known and unknown, cause and effect, just like the symbol of Taoism. Infinity includes both opposite cycles –a cycle being beginning, continuity and end. From the perspective of infinity there are no opposites. Only if you view from a specific point within infinity can there be opposition. Infinity is the whole and life is only a part of it.

I think we are put or we put ourselves in life somehow -as spiritual beings- and we are supposed to be good, and we exert a lot of effort towards that direction. I don’t want to get into much analysis what good and bad is again. But I could briefly say that which is aligned with life is good and that which opposes life is not good or is evil. And it can be common to think that while we lean towards that direction, there is some force or forces that oppose that, and thus we run into trouble.

When I run into trouble I’m always the good guy, really. The the more of a good guy I am the more I run into trouble. And the less I’m bothered by good and evil, the less or no trouble I encounter, how come? The answer -as far as I’m concerned- lies in denial. As a guy who holds on to goodness I hold on to just one side of that infinity symbol there, and I deny, separate from, resist or even fight the rest. I really don’t do that so often anymore. I used to do it way more often, and encounter much more trouble.

Don’t think now that I advice you to turn evil so you wont encounter trouble. I’m not giving any advice. I’m only conveying some realization of mine. I don’t know how it will work out for a person if he or she consciously decides to turn to evil. But what I have noticed from my perspective is that those who do that to even a small degree, run into trouble too. For reasons currently unknown to me we’re not supposed to do that in life, and possibly the reason for that is so that life can be well preserved not only for ourselves but for all.

So if we’re supposed to be good, what’s the deal with that infinity symbol above the guy’s head? The deal is that a spiritual being is not inherently part of life. Spiritual beings existed way before human life and before the creation of the material universe (or universes) too. This is a game with rules for a spiritual being but that is not all a spiritual being is.

So, what’s the practical side out of all that strange stuff I just wrote? The practical side for me is yes, play the game of being good, but don’t get into the role too much. Denial, separation from oneself and other’s selves, and opposition are trouble. And to manage to be good thoroughly one -oddly- needs to have infinite tolerance, acceptance for the opposite too, as it is part of what infinity is, what a spiritual being is. Unconditional love is not unconditional if it becomes conditional, if you get what I mean, and full responsibility is not full if it is only half.

Have fun 🙂


3 thoughts on “About being a good person

  1. Agreed. And I would add that the infinity symbol also represents action we can take. My experience has taught me that from the center we can see all; we, being on neutral ground, can see the whole picture, all at once. But seeing everything at once, prevents us from acting at all, as there is no point. Only by travelling the loops (choosing sides) can we gain power enough to act. But we are not required to (or even encouraged) to remain only on one side. To become whole, we must become able to travel freely on either side, as our individual needs in the moment may require…

    1. Yes, playing against oneself is somewhat nonsense. So there have to be ‘others’, ‘unknowns’ etc… 🙂 Still we have choice if and where to be.

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