Forcing the right thing

Imagine this if you will: You have a dog, and you serve the dog it’s food. When to dog goes over the plate to eat, you push it’s mouth inside the plate. What will the dog then do? Odds are that if the dog is rather friendly it will try to run away; otherwise it might as well want to bite you. Now, if you insist to furtherly force the dog to stay there and eat the dog will freak out, whether it will actually eat or not.

What happens in this case? Let’s try to explain it in terms of force. There is an initial force, an intention of the dog to eat. Then there is an opposing force of the dog to run away. Then there is another opposing force of the dog to stay there and eat.  What does that amount to? It amounts to chaos. If done repetititely and forcefully, it will amount to the dog losing control over it’s own eating. The dog’s initial appetite and joy to eat will become rather doubtful, and the dog will not feel as good about it anymore.

Now, one could be even more mean the make it even more painful andcomplex. After he forced the dog to eat, he could deprive the dog from eating. He could stop serving food or serve food and take it away or punish the dog if it tried to eat. That would result to a very confused and miserable dog, who would force and inhibit it’s own self.

Humans and animals have an inherent joy in fufilling their purposes in life. And if those purposes get forced and inhibited alternately, the joy diminishes, and the organism’s control over what brings them joy diminishes too. That’s what can make life feel like hell. And that’s what leads to odd reactions against life too. It is inconsistency in control. It is yes and no and yes and maybe and freaking out and then suppressing the having freaked out and then trying to undo the suppression and… In other words, opposition, opposition, opposition within oneself and from and against others too.

The example of the dog above reflects to what some humans have been doing to each other when it comes popular topics/problems such as learning, working, having sex. Those weren’t mean to be problems at all in the first place. Things that are inherent impulses in humans were never meant to bring about misery. On the contrary whatever supports the survival of oneself and of the whole is meant bring about joy and nobody needs to tamper with that to correct it. Tampering is what messes it up in the first place.

It is some people’s alternate enforcement, inhibition, enforcement…. that lead to that chaos. And since animals don’t mess each other up to such a degree, one might find it can be more pleasant to hang out with a cat than with a ‘civilized’ man.


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