Why figuring things out can last forever

Trying to find out ‘why’, the ‘reason for’ is THE process that modern scientific thinking is based on. And as long as a researcher is true to himself and is not biased by money or is not forced or impeded by other things, he will always find something new to figure out, to find out how, why it happens, and so on. He will never have ‘the right’ answer. I don’t take those who have ‘the right’ answer as scientist. I take them as religious fanatics. And that they’re so obsessed with opposing religious fanatics indicates what they’ve become themselves. It is kinda what has happened to some pseudo-Scientologists who label whomever opposes or doesn’t like them ‘crazy’ or otherwise problematic, and are thus so obsessed with blaming it all on psychiatry’s authoritarianism that they themselves imitate. Needless to say they do the exact oppose than what their texts say. Needless to say the enemies they fight are themselves.

I’m really not interested to take sides who is right and who is wrong in religious and scientific wars, like in any other war. For I know for sure that whomever gets busy taking responsibility for himself and his own deeds becomes less busy trying to take no-responsibility (blame) for others. And those entertaining folks who blame each other day and night, 24/7 in the media should become a bit more interested in their own selves and deeds than in other’s.

Anyway, although that sort of scientific thinking of trying to find a reason why serves us in making rockets, artificial intelligence and Windows 10, it also brings about a lot a lot a lot of trouble to human beings that employ it. And I’m going to tell you why, if you want to know.

If you try to find out why something happens, what makes something occur, you try to locate the source of it, right? Yes, but with a twist: You try to locate the source of it outside yourself. That is why the search can last forever.

I am guilty if that ‘sin’ myself too. For I have -various times- implied that the source of one’s experiences is something other than oneself in my blog, and I have thus conveyed something that is simply not true. However, nobody pays me to write, nor do I sue those that I think are the bad guys and I can thus freely be wrong and then also correct myself. I don’t have to always be right. What I’m implying here is that the more fanatic one becomes in designating what is ‘wrong’ the more fanatic one becomes in also being ‘right’ himself. One can be so ‘right’ that he can never change from that point on. And that is not any bliss, that is a curse.

Why do stuff happen to me, you or another? You can try to figure it out forever. And you can almost end that by becoming so fixated in what is ‘wrong’, that you can move no further. That’s a rather sad end to end at, to become an unchangeable wall. It is however the final product of finding something wrong outside yourself.

I’m not implying that one ought to make himself guilty in order to not make another guilty for that would be even worse. He would then make himself a voluntary victim. What I am implying is that the concepts of guilt, of blaming are product of denying what makes something happen. And that ‘thing’ is oneself.

If you think your mind, ego, neighbor do things to you, think again, or maybe don’t think at all. For whatever appears to make something happen, is driven by the same source.


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