Making the infinite finite

I understand this is a rather advanced note, not meant to be grasped by all, and I’m OK with that. I’m also well aware that some of the articles I write might seem pretty out-of-sequence to some. That is often because some of my articles are based on previous articles. There is supposed to be some logical order, but the sequence that I post article after article is not always logical. I don’t post 1,2,3,4, I post 1,2,5,4,3,2,3,1. It can get pretty messy, and a good solution would be to compile some things into a PDF, an ebook or an actual hard book, so as to make more logical sense. I had said I would do it and I still haven’t done it. I apologize for that. The reason is that I keep discovering new things and revising or deleting older things and if I issued a book I couldn’t do that as easily. So my blog is still on a ‘notebook’ state, and I keep it limited in terms of who can read it.

All this has a lot to do with the topic of this article –making the infinite finite. What is ‘infinite’, ‘infinity’? One could say that it’s that which never ends in terms of width or time. And that is because we have been taught to think of things based on the material universe’s laws, or the asserted material universe’s laws. If you typed ‘infinity’ in google you would get various pictures of the material universe. And indeed some spirituality has associated itself with the material universe too. A universe that has some specific space, time, objects and laws that regulate them is anything but infinity, though. It is super-finite. And by saying that I don’t mean that the material universe is finite, either. How finite or infinite the material universe or the material universes, or all the possible material universes can be, is not really a fixed thing, but it can become.

I’m sorry if the statement above seems absurd, but expect potential absurdity when you tackle with infinity; for infinity is not a finite thing –it is not a specific thing, that is.

For something specific, finite to exist infinity must become finite. The making something finite out of infinity doesn’t negate infinity though. In fact, the finite thing could not exist without an infinite potential for a finite thing to exist. Thus the finite thing can also be undone, and ‘return’ to it’s infinite state, which means it’s state of being nothing specific, or simply nothing.

Infinity is not a point to reach. It is the basis of all finite things. But infinity by itself is nothing in particular.

Why am I saying all that? Would you like to make something happen? Do you want to experience something specific? Then you need to create a finite thing, and not an infinite thing, for an infinite thing is not a particular thing.

‘Manifestation’ is exactly that –making something finite, specific out of infinity. If you let the infinite be infinite (which is the primary state) you have nothing specific. You really need to be specific what that thing should be, where and when it should be as well as how you -through your viewpoint- can experience it.

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