You don’t have choices but you can be free

To do something so another bad thing wont occur is as much of a choice as to do something so you wont get beaten or otherwise punished.

This is all the ‘freedom’ society currently preaches. This is how evil gains support. You try to avoid evil, and you support evil. And what do you know, either way you get betrayed.

There is vast difference between ‘choices’ and ‘freedom’. If you want to be free you need to create what to be, you need to be it, you need to get rid of choices. If you want choices you have to pick from what you’re given. And you might as well find the those two opposites you are offered with are from the same person, who is cowardice and dishonest enough to not directly threaten you with punishment in case you don’t do as he says, but attributes the punishment to an opposition of his own making.


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