Real hater

It is within the nature of fighting and of war to consider that the opponent who fights you is a bad guy. But what short-sighted people don’t notice is what their opponent thinks of them.

A real hater will not hate what is bad about you, but what is good. And that is -most often- not the case in war, in divorces and so on.

Everybody knows this, but few admit it to each other and themselves. If you wish to see how a person subjected to that knows this, notice how he might be afraid to be and do actual good by any means. One might not appear afraid to brag how he/she has fooled and gotten laid with a large number of people who were unaware of being fooled, but another who might merely wish to do it -not for any bad reason- might be afraid to do it. That is how the majority becomes a hostage to the minority that undermines it; from that perspective, to do good is to do bad.

The less free -internally- a person is, the more he imitates -badly- those who are freer. And you might find people who appear super-compassionate, brave, beautiful and so on, to be quite the opposite and try hard to conceal it. That is how such concepts get a bad name. And that is a way how the rest become unwilling to be those things, and they also become less tolerant, more irritated by those things –they become confused.

It is very common in today’s society to confuse those who -through their luck, skill, interest, work…- manage to become rich, and others who become rich through other’s misfortune. Thus people become divided into those who think nobody should ever be allowed to become rich, and that all those who become rich are good folks. What does that add up to? It adds up to honest people needing money and licenses to work, to pay taxes, and to some dishonest people to get unfair legal or illegal advantages over the rest, leading to monopolies and so on.

Work is -in fact- offering and it is not taking. An offering cannot be but voluntary, for otherwise it is slavery and theft. The same is true for anything else good that a person projects to others –beauty, intelligence and so on. An intelligent person is not one who makes the rest feel dumb, but rather (freely) shares his intelligence with others, thus making others more intelligent too. You will always find those who make others feel dumb being very unintelligent themselves, even if they can solve some equations. Intelligence you see is not about numbers nor about parroting book pages. Intelligence in life is that which leads to more and better life, and less intelligence brings one and those who agree with him closer to death.

Never hesitate to be and to do that which is good from your own perspective for another might disapprove. You might -or not- incite some real hate that way, but it is totally worth it, for those who will hate it are not up to any good.

Of course, deep down the basic enemy one can have is himself, or rather the denial of himself. That is why, how people make a good (for them) thought and a split of a second later make the opposite. One essentially opposes himself that way, and if he doesn’t do that nobody else can do it to him, and if he buys the fake ‘good intentions’ of others that are meant to keep him down he will also do it to himself.


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