The trying to reduce another through words, or by other means is not related to whether one is a ‘bad person’ or not, for ‘bad person’ means nothing objective, really. Who is bad for me might not be bad for another and visa versa. It does -however- meant something else; it means there is a need, an impulse of one to reduce another. And that impulse is not inherent in beings; it gets bought.

The number one reason one tries to reduce another is to keep his dirty secret(s) from being revealed. And the way one gets there is by having his secrets doubtfully revealed by another –doubtfully meaning not certain whether the secret is revealed or not.

If somebody wrote an article concerning -for example- pedophilia and another had committed something that resembled that, he would then need to prove that the article’s writer was bad, stupid, insane and so on, in an effort to keep his secret concealed. That’s what happens when people blame each other, and how that cycle becomes perpetuated by blaming each other.

Blaming cannot work unless the one blamed has nothing to feel guilty for. But on the other hand the impulse to blame is also caused by an effort to make oneself become ‘right’ when one also thinks of the opposite on the same time. It is a reaction against an action.

Do not confuse this with uncovering a plot to help another from being victimized. Blaming is about making another guilty. It is a form of punishment, war. Without guilts on behalf of the blamed one, blaming is of no consequence; and without guilts on behalf of the one who blames, there is no impulse to blame at all.

You will commonly find the punisher being the most guilty of all, compulsively putting guilts on others and trying to reduce their freedom so as to keep his secrets concealed. A guilty ruler or ruler wannabe will be trying to keep others in the dark and making them accountable for their misdeeds (whether true misdeeds or not) in order to keep his own misdeeds concealed.

Nobody is really obliged to have war waged on him without reacting. And on the other hand nobody is really excused to wage any war, nor to harm others by any ‘friendly’ means.

One is obliged to speak the truth, to be honest if he wishes to speak at all. And one’s truth should start from oneself. And that becomes difficult the more one lies about and hides from oneself in order to proove himself right. It’s those with the most impaired ability to criticize themselves that constantly engage in criticizing, reducing others.


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