Scarcity VS afluence

Imagine a war veteran who has been injured and gone through other harships that war has to offer taking a punch on his arm. And on the other hand imagine a guy who has lived in relative comfort all his life, avoiding conflicts, taking a punch of his arm as well. We all know that punch wouldn’t have the same effect on those two people, right? The veteran wouldn’t mind as much as the other guy would, correct? The veteran’s pain would most likely not last much and he might not even get a bruise while the other guy would.

But why? The veteran has had an afluence of getting hit, getting injured, experiencing pain and thus wouldn’t mind having some more. While the other guy who has had a scarcity of pain, would mind. He would resist pain more, and thus he would also experience it more.

The same rule applies to all pleasant as well as to unpleasant things. A person who has never had a sexual connection with another (although he/she wanted to) is much more likely to experience upset with regards to that connection. And another person who knew he/she could easily experience a sexual connection would most likely not get upset. It is a matter of thinking and it isn’t a matter of physical condition.

If one thinks he cannot experience something he tries harder and harder to experience it to the degree that thing becomes more and more upsetting to that person. That also occurs to a person who avoids something or fights against something or compulsively separates himself from it. That is how haters can be drawn closer together even more than lovers. It is trying to not experience something while on the same time trying to experience it. And that makes a problem.

Oddly, one can resolve a scarcity of a thing with an afluence of that thing, for scarcity means ‘I cannot experience that’. This tells you societies cannot recover from scarcity of money by creating further scarcity of money. Lower salaries will not bring about higher salaries. Less spending will not bring about more spending.

A common mistake a person can do it to tell him/herself ‘I will never experience that again’ or ‘that is bad’ after she/he had experienced that. What happens then? That person creates scarcity for himself, he says ‘I cannot experience that’, and he has trouble after that.

If you want to have ‘bad thoughts’, ‘negative emotions’ and so on try to stop yourself from having them. You’re going to have a hard time with it. If you were to remain bravely uninfluenced with regards to such things though, and could experience them easily, you could also control them –and that means not experience them.  Instead of that people are told to numb their thoughts and emotions, to run away and they never quite make it –not without repercussions.

One doesn’t have to dive into an afluence of a thing if he can’t experience it, but he could bit by bit experience it, untill it became easier and easier for him to do so. An afluence of a thing would mean -however- that person wouldn’t have to experience that thing.

That is the surest way to transcend all life –don’t hold yourself back from experiencing it, don’t resist it, live it.


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