Free Will

Above ethics, above what I like, dislike etc I put free will. I put it above those things because it is more basic. Without will those cannot even exist.

This can become easier to understand if one understand that free will does not mean ‘freedom of choice’. If you lived in France you’d have to choose between a banker and a nationalist in those recent elections. And if you detested one more that the other you’d pick the other, and that would be ‘freedom of choice’. It wouldn’t be free will though. Choices can be very limited. Freedom is the opposite of limits; it is unlimited.

No matter the odds free will is never really lost within an individual. It can be however part of his free will for his free will to be unknown to him.

You see a guy banging his head against a wall, and you tell  him ‘what are you doing?’ He says ‘I’m fighting against that other wall that’s behind me. That wall is evil; it will make your head ache, stay away from it.’ So he avoids that evil wall, and he bangs his own head against the other wall (the good one) all by himself, instead. He’s been taught those are the choices he has, and he believes it, and by his own free will he abides to that. If you tried to stop him from doing that, you’d be likely get attacked. Why? Because it’s his own free will to believe whatever he believes, to bang his head, and to blame the other wall instead.

I’m sorry but free will is above what is liked or not, and must be granted at all times. Try to take it away from one, and you lose your right over your own –and thus get attacked and so on. That is a terrific ‘life hack’. If you want your free will, never try to take it away from another.

There is vast difference between ‘I don’t care’ and ‘I don’t mind’. For me ‘I don’t mind’ means ‘you can exert your free will, whatever that is. And I wont feel threatened, bad, sad, this or that no matter what that will is’. Do you see how that granting of free will to another also means I keep my own? What if I was scared of somebody, wouldn’t I need to stop him from harming me? Wouldn’t I try to reduce his will? Oddly, if I did that, I might as well have that done to me as well. So my fear would come true.

There is no more complete freedom for one, than granting complete freedom to everything else. And there is no more losing control than trying to take another’s free will away –chaos ensues then. That’s what people try to do when they fight each other –to take each other’s free will away. And they -sooner or later- lose their own as well. That’s what resistance against what exists is as well, and that’s why it makes things worse.

I’m not suggesting to be apathetic; that would be ‘I don’t care’. I’m suggesting in order to exert your own free will, you must also grant it. Have yours collide against another’s and you have a problem. Let all be free no matter the odds and you are completely free.


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