Myths about intelligence

Brain size: If brain size mattered, if anybody really gave a damn, I should had been appointed to be among the rulers of this country or at least of my local area or something, since I’m quite a big-head –in fact my body is big in general.

Intelligent people think, stupid people don’t think: No, thinking does not imply intelligence, whether it is accompanied by speech or not. One can become unable to think due to thinking too much. It’s as if you had a room that had become overcrowded and no more people could fit in. One needs to be able to both start as well as stop thinking too, and at will. So not thinking doesn’t mean one is stupid either.

Intelligent people read books: Apparently somebody has figured out only intelligent people can also write book, or that there can’t be book that are utter rubbish. You know, just like anyone can blog, anyone can speak anyone can write books as well. And reading from people makes you as intelligent as hearing from people, as reading is but a way to communicate. That books=intelligence is an idea that circulates in school, which schools on one hand assert to help the intelligence of a child while on the other hand a school’s psychologist will insist that one’s intelligence can never change.

Intelligent people succeed in life: That can be very true if one uses intelligence to succeed. What is not true is that all have the same idea what ‘success’ is. I know I personally don’t care to rise through the ranks of any company that I don’t care for. One thing is for sure:  Although a relatively intelligent person could be duped to offer and be useful a dishonest group, one who is too intelligent wouldn’t care to offer to such a group by means that group would want the person to. See what happened to Socrates. Of course, from the state’s perspective Socrates was being unethical and stupid, but was he?

Ultimately, intelligence is closely tied to creativity. If one cannot freely create (and un-create) thought, one cannot freely be intelligent either. To get stuffed with thinking that inhibits free thinking is anything but being intelligent.

Intelligence is a personal matter and it is not a group matter although intelligent individuals can make an intelligent group. And specially when it comes to dishonest groups to have ones intelligence validated or invalidated means nothing –it can often mean the opposite.

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