The average

Average is THE criterion that certain elements in society use to judge whether somebody is a good boy or not.

It might not be obvious to an adult, but it is quite a pain for a child to become average. Don’t be too quiet nor too loud, don’t be too happy nor too unhappy, don’t be too lively nor completely dead. There is a demand on behalf of certain authorities in society to become that. And after one becomes that he might as well then demand it from others too. So it later on appears that’s how society ‘is’.

Children can get pretty ‘crazy’ on the other hand, since they haven’t yet undergone enough suppression so as to become average, and they can be a pain to an intolerant adult.

But how does one become average? Initially, in order to be that one needs to look outside. It isn’t an impulse that comes from inside. Thus it needs to be imposed from the outside to the inside. And what does that mean? It means that the person is ‘forced’ to be something, so as not to be too little of something (for example, ‘social’). And it also means the person is ‘stopped’ from becoming something so as not to become too much of something (for example, cheerful). So, in order to be that average there has to be a continuous controling oneself, so as not to get reprimanded, laughed at or other derogatory things, untill it becomes ‘flat’.

Eventually, the basic loss is that of oneself, as one becomes unfreer to express oneself like he otherwise would. And like some demand, one shouldn’t even ‘think’ of things that are not alligned with the average. To an extreme that would amount to all becoming copies of each other.

Such a thing can also help create numerous complications amongst people. Apparently, there can be a thing such as ‘too loyal’ or ‘too good’ as well. And that would also lead to not being ‘too trusting’ either.


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