What suppression is made of

Today I see two main tendencies on the field of politics; one dictates what unfreedom must be like, and the other dictates what freedom must be like. They are both contradictory within themselves, as they say one thing and then they say the opposite, and that’s what they do as well. You get all sorts of ‘fight for freedom’ guys who impose their version of freedom through laws, through the police and the army. You get liberals, libertarians and neo-liberals who argue among each other what laws to be passed. All this ‘liberty’ and it’s about laws.

It takes at least two forces to have suppression; a single force is not enough. Both forces make two sides of the same coin, and what you get as result is being trapped in-between. And then somebody poses another coin against that coin, and then others do the same and you get a maze. And the most ironic thing to do is to call that freedom.

If there was a bully, that bully couldn’t suppress you unless you suppressed yourself first, leave alone that the bully himself is being suppressed as well. All your life you’re told to not use force, that force is evil and then one day you encounter a bully… So you get bullied and then you go bully another who doesn’t bully you, in turn. That’s what suppression is like. And all suppressive systems contain ‘using force’ as something evil, so force can be forced on them. And status quos wherein one suppresses oneself and then the other and that other suppresses another get formed. And then people go on TV accusing others they’ve never met of suppressing them, but they never accuse the ones that do suppress them, including themselves. And the accused feel suppressed too in turn -as nobody can talk back to their TV- and they turn against others they’ve never met…

You’re better off (more honest) teaching that everything in the material universe is evil, if you’re to teach that using force is evil for the material universe is made of force. And what they mean when they say ‘force is evil’ is that only you shouldn’t use force. Even those iconic, ‘serene’ pictures of sunsets and the happy people walking on the beach, that touristic companies use to get rich with are made of force. It takes force to move your body, it takes force to have a sun and everything else included.

Freedom doesn’t lead to chaos. Chaos is the result of colliding forces, and that is not inevitable in freedom. It’s just that without the freedom for those things to exist, none of those things could exist. Chaos is a product of freedom indeed but freedom is not itself chaos. And as chaos occurs more order occurs as a counter-measure. If you get more crime in a state you consequently also get more police.

Freedom is the one thing that cannot be defined, for if it is defined it is not freedom; although the defining it derives from freedom. I cannot tell you what freedom is, I could only approximate it by pointing out what unfreedom is. The same is true for truth as well. My freedom is my own and so is my truth. And if we can have our own without trying (in vain) to reduce each other’s we can have the perfect blending with each other, where one’s freedom can freely become another’s too.


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