Free advertisers

A person, a company, an ideology could pay another person or company to make advertisements on it’s behalf. However, that is much more expensive and and less effective than to have everybody advertise them for free.

Brainwashing could be defined as the inserting of ‘truths’ in a person’s thinking, without the person knowing about it, so as to control him. It is an enforcement, but a concealed one.

When somebody thinks he has to have a Mac or an iphone otherwise he will appear inferior others, that’s what he goes through. And that’s what he puts others to go through as well, when he does think others are inferior for not having one. Whether Macs and iphones are good or not is irrelevant, if somebody doesn’t buy them for them functionality but to show something to others. Seriously, I have nothing against products and luxuries, but I wouldn’t possess them for the sake of not appearing inferior.

Similarly, I wouldn’t support nor oppose any political ideology, religion etc so that others wouldn’t think bad things about me. But if one asserts one ought to be on somebody’s side so he wont be on some other bad guy’s side, or so he wont be -in one way or another- bad himself, there is an indirect, concealed blackmail involved. And when somebody buys a product or subscribes to some set(s) of ideas so bad things wont happen to him, and then he in turn shows that around, he becomes an involuntary advertiser, whether he calls himself that or not.

If you reverse all that process and have people not allow themselves or others to buy something or to befriend somebody or to subscribe to some set of ideas so they wont be bad, you don’t get anything different. You get the same force but in reverse. Reverse advertisement is reverse advertisement, and reverse blackmail is reverse blackmail as well.

So, I’m not really telling anyone to not have an iphone or a Mac or to not become a communist or a Scientologist so he wont have others throw rotten tomatoes at him. I’m not suggesting what anyone ought to or not do with regards to those things. I might (or not) agree with those things, and I might tell others about it too. But my own rights begin and end within myself. All I’m saying is be aware if you are controlled towards a direction or another without your known consent.

All that not allowing each other to be whatever they want to be, makes similar-minded people get together in closed groups (sects) and then bash at each other and never understand each other. And such conditions make the leaders of such groups particularly happy, as they use the subsequent necessities of war to impose their peace.


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