Liability in describing bad realities

I once encountered a school of thought (and I have encountered many more ever since) which used to assert it was very bad to bring up, to mention anything ‘negative’, whatever that was supposed to mean. And the people that abided to that notion did press themselves as well as each others to be ‘positive’, whatever that was supposed to mean.

On the same time under the disguise of happiness and positivity some people who had assumed power seeked to muzzle whomever opposed them by using ‘positivity’ and labeling whomever disagreed with them as ‘bad’, ‘negative’, ‘faulty’ and so on.

That is a liability of not describing bad realities –that under the disguise of positivity negativity can thrive.

The closer one is to truth the better he feels, and the further away he strays from it the worse he feels, and that’s all positive and negative means with regards to humans. We all have an impulse for truth, no matter which direction(s) we choose to take in life. And to conceal a lie with ‘positivity’ is anything but truth, anything but positive.

On the other hand, if you follow that logic you see that it isn’t truth which brings about feeling bad, but it is lies. And that is the liability of describing bad realities –they don’t exist exactly like they’re described.

And if one has a tendency to adapt to asserted ‘reality’, (like it is thoroughly preached and covertly demanded by some, as they have made it synonymous to being ‘positive’)  one also has a tendency to adapt to (become) that asserted negative reality as well.

In other words, if one believes something bad, he then creates it himself, or even worsens it as he reacts against it.

A more direct, honest authority demands from others to do as he says, while a less direct, honest one describes how things are so they will be forced to adapt to/react against it. And it is always something negative, or fake positive thing, so they will become it.

What is the solution? The only true solution that thoroughly erases any problem, is the creating and knowing truth. Truth and lies are not black or white. One can be closer or further from them. And one step closer to them is one step closer, and one step further away is one step further away. And right and wrong can be very relative too to each condition, and to each person too.

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