Faith is one of those things that have been talked about as enemies of knowledge and enemies of truth.

That doesn’t clarify -however- ‘faith in what’?

Perhaps the answer I’d get by asking that would be ‘faith in God’, but then I would also have to ask again ‘which one?’

I am almost kidding, as -like I’ve said before- I don’t think of ‘God’ to basically be a unit. But I think that a ‘source of all’ (my definition of the word ‘God’) is all that which God creates. God isn’t a unit but God can become units. God can also become worlds, universes, if those actually exist.

I know I am being mysterious so I should speak a more human language. One loses faith by being betrayed by that faith, wherever that faith is placed on –God, girlfriend, the government, wherever. But what remains hidden from him -as long as he remains betrayed- is that one’s betrayal starts from oneself, and it can only be resolved by addressing oneself.

It is said that one is born and through his parents, Church and so on he should become aware that a thing called God exists. Why? If God was an almighty being (a unit) that had made him, shouldn’t God also be able to have him be aware of that? Why would God need other human beings to have him become aware of it?

I am neither religious nor an atheist, but I can have faith in myself as long as I am being faithful to myself, and the same stands for you too. All that is wrong with a person is denial of oneself, denial of God; for what one truly is -very basically- is that. Each being is being God, and God is being every being. The having faith in one’s most basic nature is to have faith in God.

If you truly have faith ‘things are like this and that’ then things are ‘like this and that’ –that is what you experience. And that includes ‘experience’ through your body too, your human experience.

If you look outside to find out some truth, if you remember what you think had happened 20 years ago, or what somebody else has said, if you think things like ‘it’s happened to others so it’s going to happen to me too’ then that faith is being compromised, and the resulting reality becomes compromised too. It is your choice to do it or not.

Each reality is it’s own reality and it doesn’t have to be like another. That means if another’s experience is ‘so and so’ it doesn’t mean yours has to be the same, nor visa versa –although it could become the same, and that is potential. Similarly if your experience yesterday was so and so, it doesn’t mean it has to be like that again. It depends on you.

Don’t ask outside, don’t ask others, don’t ask some non extant past. Ask yourself in the now, and you will never lie to yourself and you will not need to believe to have faith.


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