Some alternative history

It can be very interesting to examine some of those ‘alternative sciences’ that pop up on the internet and TV once in a while. It seems that not everything that everyone knows makes perfect sense to them by studying non-alternative science, and they look for answers elsewhere.

Out of curiosity I also had a look in some of those flat Earth videos that seem to be the latest trend and what I noticed was that at least one of those videos had been processed by computer so as to make the globe appear flat. I noticed that as they hadn’t processed the video too well; also because it’s harder to fool a graphics design insider with computer graphics.

There is however something that draws people near those flat Earth theories; that what know through mainstream science about the history of Earth is not utterly true. And although I don’t know everything about it either, I do have my own indications as well as speculations about it.

There are many indications and speculations about the history of Earth as well as of ‘the universe’ in mainstream science. There isn’t much proof though –just like there isn’t much proof about history in general. The past might leave some traces, and by examining those traces you’re tasked with building logical bridges in order to figure out things about the past that you don’t know. You see your boyfriend has lipstick on his cheek and you immediately figure out he cheats on you. Why not figure out his aunty gave him a kiss or that he has a boyfriend that put lipstick on? I mean indications are not proof. You have to speculate what is unknown. And knowledge is not what you’re told by your boyfriend either; it is what you perceive. And you perceive the lipstick on his cheek, and that’s all you perceive, and that’s all you know.

Knowledge is perception, experience. And it is not what you’re told, what you read. That’s something flat Earthers got right, and they have amassed such a huge fan base, even if -and that’s pure speculation- all the rest they claim is not true.

Here are my speculations and indications, and it is up to you one to know whether they are true or not. For starters, history has been much less grim and much more beautiful than talked about. In ancient times they did other things than killing each other and sacrificing their kids to gods. We didn’t just get away from ages of brutality and mad dictators to end up here and now in an age of peace. It is true, we do live in an era of relative peace, compared to previous centuries where country borders were fragile things. We do have some stability. But we have also lived through times much better than present times, by various means.

By studying history as well as by studying the present time news you only get the idea that the world is an ugly, dangerous, heartless place. And indeed, such instances can exist. But how come nobody focuses on what’s nice, good, beautiful about it too? How come nobody focuses on how to make our lives better instead of thinking what’s bad and evil? Oh they do, at least they pretend to. Most often when they -rarely- refer to something good, it’s something that it’s not really that good. That’s what they do. And if you took all they said and turned it upside-down you would be closer to truth.

A person who is driven by the past or by present events is not a free person. A free person thinks and acts regardless of those things. A person who tries to solve past and present problems, in order to have them solved in the future is a bit less free, for he is still driven by something. And even that sort of unfreedom is not as close as the nihilism that some breed, by informing us all how bad and pointless everything is.

Why do that? Because that’s how they can control. If your life is pointless you wont care to make it have a point, but they could. If everything is bad, you will be drawn to the good sanctuaries they offer. They both offer the problem as well as the solution in order to control; and ‘you’ agree with them, and play along –or to be more precise, you are played.

Since I do live my life by principles such as ‘if you don’t experience it, it doesn’t exist’, I do think some speculations and indications can be -more or less- closer to truth. And it’s better to have those than to have the nihilism that some want you to have, in order to control you.

I’m going to give you some information that can agree with or not. Bottom down, only I know can know truth for myself and only you can know truth for yourself. If you find this more true than what you’ve been told by others, good. If you don’t, then good again.

The material universe is not the only one universe. And the Earth is not the only inhabited planet in this universe either. God is not the only one God. There are universes, planets, and Gods. And the reason why we are unaware of this is because some wish to be the ‘only one Gods’, some wish to control it all. You can see that expressed in humans as well. The amassing of extraordinary wealth is not a matter of become able to buy food, luxuries and so on, it is an effort to control others. And the prohibiting all to amass wealth in order for some statesmen and bankers to have it all is the same, and one never solved the other.

Like I’ve said again and again, our bodies are not what we basically are. We are not a product of any mother nature. Mother nature is a product of this universe, and this universe is a product of joint creation of Gods.

The fighting who is better than whom, who is more God than whom led us to a state wherein we don’t even remember what we are. That happened very gradually, and there was a lot of beauty being created in-between by all of us –or at least many of us. And we have lived through much better times than this. But in turning one against the other, we only managed to reduce ourselves into thinking we are the humans, the puppets we possessed.

The relation between a spirit and it’s human body it’s similar to the relation between a man and his pet puppy. But through time we got more and more the idea of being what we possessed. And some -being aware of that- tried to pull us back, to set us free from that. And some did make it, and some others tried to stop them as they saw their authority over others being threatened. And thus we got religions (many more than we have today) becoming tools of enslavement instead of tools of spiritual liberation. Spirituality wasn’t meant to be a ‘let’s feel better’ thing. It was meant to be about spiritual liberation, becoming aware of what one is, what he can do, and knowing how he ended up here.

Needless to say a spirit is much more able than it’s puppet body; but in perceiving and in thinking as a body, it gets the idea it is weak, that it can suffer and so on. In fact it can’t. That’s is why one can be liberated from suffering by becoming aware of his spiritual nature, for a spirit can’t really suffer it can only witness suffering. And in witnessing suffering a spirit who thinks it is a body becomes more and more body in it’s thinking, because suffering works like a magnet to a spirit, as it gets drawn to protect the body from suffering. Protecting one’s ‘ego’, oneself is in fact protecting ones body. There is no need to protect oneself as a spirit, unless he has a false idea about oneself. Similarly there is no need for a spirit to become ‘God’ over others for we are all God, and trying to violate that has brought us to our knees –arrogance has led to humiliation.

How to return? I think the answer is obvious. Do you wish to honor God? Start by honoring yourself and you fellow God being.


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