Taking off

Some, many, most have a desire to ‘take off’, to not be part of a machine, to experience other things. They’ve gotten tired of playing basic, monotonous games all their lives and they wish to experience something else. It’s like you’ve been playing pacman for a long time and you’ve had enough –you don’t want to anymore. It’s happened to me. And I don’t think I’m the only one.

Not all wish to quit playing pacman though, and some even go ahead and make a religion out of it and say it is the right thing to play, and all other games are bad, or that there are no other games at all to play. And some others use people’s desire to play a better game by selling them better games that send them right back to playing pacman again, and being even worse players than before.

‘Try everything once’ is such a common motto. So a person who wishes to experience something new goes ahead to do so. And so they hand him a glass of poison, and the person gets poisoned and from that point on he can’t even play pacman like he once used to, leave alone to find a better game. And some others are promised other, better games that never arrive for they are not meant to ever arrive at all.

The truth of the matter is there are other games to play than pacman, and there can be even more. But one should be able to tell honesty from dishonesty, as in pacman’s world few make it to actually experience something beyond it, and those few might not be understood by the rest, who only think of pacman.

Reducing one’s abilities to play this game doesn’t take anyone out of this game. It makes him more obsessed to play and win, instead. They know that. They know that -for example- if a body’s basic needs like food and shelter were easily taken care of, one wouldn’t be fixated in trying to do so. He would engage in different things. He would had mastered that game, and he would advance to a better one. And so one might spend a whole lifetime trying to acquire money, while it shouldn’t really take that long. There isn’t any actual reason why it should take that long. There are only fabricated reasons. There is no actual reason why one shouldn’t have his relationship be nice and smooth either. And there is no actual reason why a group of people could no co-operate either.

One doesn’t have to pay attention and ‘get into’ all the problems he is presented with, for those problems are most likely fabricated to keep him fixated. One should focus on what he wishes to achieve and do achieve it, for in truth the reasons why he thinks he can’t are thinner than air. They are ‘dark’ ideas ‘inserted’ in one’s thinking for that reason alone –to keep him down.

In taking off, one must be true to his own visions, and not distracted by the visions of others, nor the vision he has made the mistake to inherit from others. That way he will be able to assist others take off as well, if he so wishes.

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