Free will, the right thing and justice

The so called ‘right thing’ and ‘justice’ are not inherent ideas one is born with. Those are ideas one is taught throughout his life.

One ‘has’ his own impulse(s) what to be, what to create; and those may even vary from person to person. In fact he doesn’t ‘have’ them anywhere but he creates them.

The ‘how’s and ‘why’s one does not stick to his own intentions are not even related to what one’s environment does to him. It is solely related to what he does to himself or even to what he doesn’t do.

You must have heard of Crowley’s ‘do what you will’ motto. And I bet it must have crossed most people’s mind that ‘if one does what he wills, he will then harm others’. So then free will takes an evil significance. That notion can also be found on political talk as well, wherein the so called ‘free market’ is a source of evil in society, and that it must be checked, for it causes damage. A quick question and a bracket: In countries that are being regulated by thousands of laws, so many laws one needs to dedicate his whole life and career to learn (like when one becomes a lawyer) what is the significance of the words ‘free market’? I don’t see any point in arguing whether that market is good or bad since the term ‘free market’ is false in the first place. There just isn’t such a thing.

Similarly, an individual’s ‘free will’ is an absurd thing to say if that person is not indeed driven by his own will, but ‘freely’ drives himself based on what he has been taught in his life by his environment. And I’m not going to fight for anyone’s rights to his own freedom, if that freedom is not his own.

One can create his own free will, and that is the only true will he will ever have. Any other will that stems from anything other than himself is not his own, and it is not anything to be fought for. It is masochistic to fight for people’s rights to be driven by others, and it is hypocritical to call that ‘freedom’.

How does one lose his ‘free will’? One never really loses that as -like I said before- he doesn’t ‘have’ it anywhere. One creates it. And it can be his own creation too to be driven by the will of others. But why would one do that? The answer (or rather answers) can be very complex, and I don’t know them all. But I could point out some.

Some have been very inventive in inventing tricks to have themselves as well as others abandon their own free will. A popular method is to force or to hinder people from being and from doing certain things, and then put them to chant that it is their ‘freedom’ to do that. They say stuff like it is not freedom to have a single sexual partner. But what if that’s what one wants? Would he be more free if he did what he was told instead? Obviously, neither myself nor anybody else could tell you what your own will is or should be, for then it would be my own will and not your own. But if you did inherit my own will and called it your own, you would introduce a lie within your thinking, and I would then control you without you even knowing it. It is very different when two freely agree to have the same will, and when one tricks or forces another into thinking what he is told is ‘freedom’.

Regardless what one does to another, it is more important to pay attention to what one does to himself, for without one’s will to abandon his own will, that cannot occur. One needs to agree with another to have that happen. And before he even agrees with that, one’s loyalty to his own self, to his own will must be fragile.

One can have much more control over himself and over his life, his existence, his experiences than what one usually thinks. And for as long as he is shy in controlling himself, his life, he has to assert to himself that something else controls him, that something else forces him to do things, that something else deceives him, that something else doesn’t allow him to be himself. He can say that society controls him, or that his genes control him, or that his mom controls him through his subconscious. But if he indeed manages to create such a thing for himself, it will be by his own free will –it will be his very own creation to be controlled by something other than himself.

If you’re afraid to be what you will, to do what you will, to have what you will because bad things will occur, that’s what you do. And the irony is that bad things occur the more you abandon your own will, for you then make those things happen yourself. The further away you stray from yourself, the more you try to stop yourself from straying.

It is not true that one -having free will- works against others. It is true that the more one works against himself, the more he denies himself and his will, the more he assigns the bad things that happen to him to others and the more he consequently turns against others, as well. Even if one doesn’t agree with another, he will never feel he has to attack him unless he thinks his own survival is depended upon attacking him, which is -in most cases, if not all- entirely untrue.

Free beings that don’t have to connect with each other, can connect with each other. Free beings that don’t hinder themselves from connecting with each other, can connect with other. Free beings can co-operate or not. But with enforced connection, disconnection, co-operation, and chaos occurs. It is within the boundaries of un-free will that relative free will can cause trouble, otherwise one’s independence is guaranteed by his own free will, as one’s life experiences don’t have to be another’s too.

How to get rid of chaos in your life? Exert your own free will over it, with no remorse.


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