Now this can be so misunderstood that it’s better left unread, but I’ll throw it in anyway, being a daredevil.

For long I have been occupied with that topic of basic personality –what is it? Apparently it is the main topic and goal of some spiritual practices. And obviously not all agree that it is the same thing.

There is a lot of talk about getting rid of the ‘ego’. But I find the definition of ‘ego’ quite vague.

Are ‘ego’ and ‘personality’ the same thing?

Children demostrate those things quite neatly, because they are much more flexible than adults in creating and uncreating their personal traits. While playing one day one is ninja, the other he is some adventurer, and the other he is his opponent or the princess or something. They don’t seem to have much of a limit what they can become.

Some actors are also somewhat flexible in becoming ‘somebody else’, while others insist to play themselves, no matter which movie they play in.

There are differences between ‘being’ and ‘becoming’, and between those egos and the basic personality.

The wondering ‘who am I’, ‘where do I come from’ and so on seem to be very old and very basic within a person. And one learns that throughout his whole existence.

You should be aware by now when I speak of the basic self I don’t mean the human body. One can disagree with that and it’s alright. I just write about things as I know about them.

It is also my personal realization that the basic self doesn’t have any personality traits, but can create and stop creating any personality traits at will. I could say that I like chocolate ice cream and mean it; and after a moment or two I could make it so I wouldn’t like that anymore.

Let’s put it in other words: The basic self is not a fixed nor an evolving self, but it is the maker of things about oneself. I can say that green cars scare me, and then a moment after I can say that now they don’t scare me. I can also think of reason why they will always scare me; but I could also change that too.

I don’t have any fixed characteristics, thoughts, feelings nor lack of. But I can make and experience plenty of those. The basic self is me as the maker, not me as what can be made, although that is part of what I can become too.

Can you imagine a maker that is not a thing itself? Well that’s what I am. And the difference between ‘you’ and ‘me’ can be in personality traits, as we don’t all have to create the same for ourselves. But the most basic one is that generally we don’t have to create and experience the same things. I can make my own things and you can make your own things too. And I can have my own distinct experiences and life and you can have your own too. And if out creations and experiences can coincide it doesn’t mean always have to.

So that is the ‘spiritual being’ that I refer to. It is not a ghost or anything that, nor is it ‘the soul’ like some others describe it (quite differently).


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