I don’t want to be ‘accepted’

Jesus Christ, Dalai Lama and Cthulhu combined; if what I was became a new norm I would have to become something else.

Norms have always been things that allowed nothing else to exist beside them. They have always been authority and they have always invented ‘good reasons’ to be that.

In each and every time and place those norms were thought to be the ‘right truth’, and everything else was wrong. And the more absurd those norms were, the more convincing they became that they were right. Seriously, show a norm (anything) and I will show how contradictory it is within itself. I still haven’t encountered any exceptions.

I don’t have any truth, but I am my own. If somebody likes it, if somebody agrees with me it could be great. If somebody doesn’t, it’s still not a problem. It could actually be fortunate to learn something new from another.

But if somebody thought I was ‘objectively wrong’ it would be because he abided to some norm, and I couldn’t care less than to become his new norm myself. I couldn’t care less to become ‘right’, to convince anyone about anything, as I don’t try to rule this place, nor to become any ruler’s lackey. I only want to be free.

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