What acceptance is not

By writing in here I might sometimes give the impression that I am a sort of a revolutionary or something of that sort. By I assure you, if you have thought so it is your own addition over what I’ve said. Yes, I have referred to injustice and lies, but I have never implied the solution is to turn against them. In fact, if you want to make sure you’ll have something then turn against it thoroughly.

I hear a lot about acceptance and being accepted and I want to write my opinion. The more I accept something the less I need to be accepted by it or to have others accept it. And if you want something about you or something group you might be part of to be accepted, then make sure you accept yourself first.

This is of course too free and too high a philosophy for democratic standards wherein one group tries to dominate another, being oblivious over it’s own disagreements with itself. Rarely one is allowed to examine the group itself by the group itself. One is supposed to always find fault in the other group. That’s how they keep groups cohesed –through war. They’re so busy finding faults in opposing groups they often don’t even know what their own group stands for. I don’t even know what right and left mean anymore. I want free will for all. That’s my political belief. And I don’t even need to try to impose it, for it cannot be imposed. Imposed free will would be an oxymoron.

Acceptance is not becoming what you perceive. If somebody puts on black clothes (like I often like to) you don’t have to put one on black clothes too to accept him or her. Acceptance is to receive, perceive him as he is, while letting him have his free will, letting him be, not resisting him, not trying to change or destroy him. Acceptance as ‘to become something’ (identification) is the ‘devil’ in some spiritual practices. It is what they try to resolve. Identification is not achieved through love. One becomes what he hates after he has been thoroughly overwhelmed by it.

Acceptance and love go together. And one of the highest (clearer) ‘levels’ of acceptance and of love I’m aware of is to consider what you perceive as part of you. And that can never be forced nor hindered.


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