Things are not as bad nor as good

I understand ‘things’ is a very vague, general word. I am referring to the average opinion that I read by others through social media about how ‘things’ are like, how ‘the world’ is like.

There is a rule I’d like to share, and it could be of great help to you; hell it could as well save your life. If something, someone who is on your side turns you against a greater quantity of things, that thing is not really on your side. And because some few are thoroughly occupied with convincing others they are on their side, while others do not bother to do so, it so happens that few can mess many up. And all that adds up to reverse democracy –the rule of the minority. A rule that starts from few and becomes expressed through many.

What matters is not what one says he does but he actually does. And if I complain along with you because your father doesn’t give you any money it wont do any good to you. It could be good for you if I gave you some money myself. And specially if you were in grave need it would be hypocritical to swap giving you a hand with blaming your father.

Nobody who is really supportive of you will want you to turn you against your life, against yourself; for that will only be a neat way for you to get crashed. I’m not talking about changing yourself or your life now, I’m talking about turning against them, in specific. If you want to stick onto something, turn against it in hope that it will go away. Mythology aside, when did you have that actually happen?

The reason why many express ‘hostile’ perceptions how ‘the world’ is like is -in fact- due to the influence few ‘supportive’ people have on them. They don’t really express a perception, they express ideas they have been given –not their own perception.

Did the chicken make the egg or did the egg make the chicken? If ‘you’ go out with the mentality everyone and everything (except maybe some few or one) are against you, that’s what you will experience. Do you think anyone who you think to be a bad person ought to treat you well to prove his innocence? No she/he doesn’t. You could both pretend though, and betray each other. Being ‘nice’ to each other, and actually having faith in each other are not the same, you see.

Your perception of the ‘the world’ is not irrelevant to how you think ‘the world’ is like. And if you think that data you have about ‘the world’ are as valid as your own pure, direct perception, that’s what you create for yourself by yourself and that’s what your experience is as well.


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