Selfishness and the commons

The funniest past of the argument whether ‘our society’ should be more self or more commons oriented is that neither truly exists.

It isn’t that selves and common things cannot exist. It is that what is referred to as ‘self’ and as ‘common’ doesn’t. Those are pure lies, constructs.

What is referred to as the ‘self’ in society is the name, surname and a bunch of numbers, and status symbols (education, profession etc) that one is given by and then identified as by society. If one goes further down into the rabbit hole society will also care to give him purposes, character, and sculpt one the way society wants him to be sculpted. Unfortunately, one will rarely be sculpted uniformly as he will be asked to be one thing while he will also be asked to be the opposite, which will lead to internal conflict, if he takes those things to heart.

However, no matter what society or whomever wants to someone to be like, that person will only be himself, even if he does carry those names, numbers, statuses and so on, and if he does believe that’s what he really is. Nothing can happen to anyone that can change what he basically is. And fortunately that is always something much better than what he is assigned with by society. No matter how high the status ladder he thinks he is, he is even better. But some might want to hold on to the artificial high to avoid the artificial low.

The commons, society are as artificial as those additive individual characteristics are. They are complete lies, pretenses. One goes out and says ‘the people want blah blah blah’ and he never asks anyone what they want. He knows the people, he knows what is good for them, what they want and he speaks on their behalf. But he’s never even met about anyone at all nor do his employees do that on his behalf. His employees only command and ask for money; they don’t ask. Nothing can be ‘common’ without common agreement. And nobody can represent another without asking him first. One could only pretend.

Both individuals and commons can exist, and it can be beautiful. However the pretended ones can be very ugly (metaphorically) for neither do individuals truly agree with what they’re told that they are themselves, nor do they agree with those false commons, even if after years of having been pounded with them.

What is yourself is what stems from you alone, and not from any society nor from anybody else. If the thought that bothers you is not of your own origin it is not your own. If your will is not of your own creation it is not your own. And if you discard all those you’ll be very happy to be what you are.

And if we start calling ‘commons’ those things that we actually agree about in common without needing to have a gun pointed at us, we can be very glad to have that too.

All the above does not depend on that artificial ‘society’ that is such a vague word ‘God knows’ what each person means when he mentions it. It all starts from you. And the more we rely on ourselves and those that we directly know, the less we will depend on imaginary monsters who are said to be the source of our suffering to make things go right for us.


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