Free will and values

You must have heard -more than once- about how values limits freedom, and about how in actuality there are no values and that they are all a product of oppressive religion. Without commenting on whether or not values exist, that pretended freedom from values is utter bullshit. For the same people who preach that also preach that we need to hire more police because our survival is threatened, as we can’t get along with each other. They are among the first ones to point the finger that another or others are guilty ‘wrong’ things. What’s the upset for and what’s so wrong is there is no right as wrong (no values)?

Travel to any place and time wherein people couldn’t get along with each other, wherein they stole from each other, raped, cheated and you will also find harsh oppressive governments as well as general oppression from one to another.

If all could be trusted to stick to some basic rules, we would never need any police. And we have police not because we don’t stick to some basic rules, but only because few of us don’t.

Values don’t suppress freedom. Values are organized into an hierarchy; that is to say some are more basic than others. The one most basic of all is free will, self determination and it is the one value most hated by police-state fanboys and girls. They say ‘if you have free will you’re going to kill, steal blah blah’. And of course by saying ‘you’ they mean themselves. Others say that free will can’t exist at all, and it is only a delusion, and again they only speak for themselves. A peculiarity of freedom is that it doesn’t have to be, to exist and that is true for free will too. Forced permanent existence is not freedom you see; it is a sort of unfreedom. And free will is not something all are willing to exert. Why? Because they would kill and steal and blah blah, they think.

Below free will, self determination we have other rules. And they are ‘below’ because they are a product of free will. Some see -for example- a commitment between two partners as a limitation, as oppression. And indeed some have practiced it like that (for financial and other reasons). But it doesn’t have to be that. Two can enjoy to play by that rule of sticking together without feeling their will violated, for it is their will to do it. But they should be able to exit that game any time if it is their will to do so, as the forced existence of something is not in alignment with the first rule of free will.

Although two or more people can make arrangements with each other, agree over new rules, values; each one has his own and under no circumstances should he violate them because he sees somebody else doing so too, nor because somebody else says that his values are not valid.

Although it doesn’t appear so, it is far more important for one to be alright, aligned with himself than to be that with others. In fact, if one is in conflict with himself he has harder times with others too, and visa versa.

One of the first things aspiring revolutionary dictators aim at, is the values of a person, a couple a group. He aims to corrupt them, to bring about chaos and to impose his own and inconsistent values in place of them, that will of course be thoroughly enforced, even in the name of ‘freedom’ if he is too dishonest. Don’t be naive so as to buy that. You know what yours are. You know when your own actions make you feel good and when they don’t, without additives -like drugs- that are aimed are hiding your feelings from yourself.

Be your own compass and you wont be mislead. And you will never need anybody’s guidance.


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